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Jill Mader

A soul is defined as the spirit and essence of a person. Some might say I have a window into the soul of people.

When I was 16, I lost my brother in a farming accident and it really rocked my world. I instantly began to feel Jaron around me. I didn't talk about it much because I had no way of explaining it but he was with me all the time. At that point, I went to a medium or two over the next couple of years, which began my spiritual pursuit but it was purely informational. I wanted to hear from Jaron and also other friends and family who had passed on. I craved their support and guidance and it helped with my grieving process immensely. Many of these mediums, psychics, and healers all seemed to think I had a special gift of my own. I enjoyed hearing this but had no idea what to do with such information. I went from sadness to anger and then took on a different aspect in my early 20's. I think this was the time of my life that I really started to focus in on emotions. I could feel every emotion in the room and I could pick out a lie from a mile away. But what did that mean? I had always been a social butterfly and thrived in groups but this was changing, I became overwhelmed in large groups, anxiety was running high and I was struggling to focus. It was hard to have such a huge change in my personality, so I tried to remain social and still do but it takes a lot of work. I was seeing many colors around living things, "Auras" as they call them. Many things had a pulse around it that I could see and people radiated what they were going through in their personal life and I could see through that window. I think this was when people truly started to come to me randomly and felt comfortable talking to me about personal things. 

After I had kids I seemed to hit a switch of priorities and had the new craving for purpose, belonging, and more magic. I began taking some online courses, and day courses and sourced out some mentors. I couldn't get enough of these! They were good but until my latest mentor said, "You don't any more education, you need to just listen." You see the key to your spiritual pursuit is to ask the questions and listen. You don't need a fancy course you need to quiet your voice and your mind and receive messages. I then started to randomly blurt out comments, statements, and messages to people which seemed abrupt but I had no filter around close friends and they luckily all embraced my gift. I could feel feelings, read situations and receive messages from the other side. The last skill I developed was in the seeing of those people. I continue to develop myself every day and what I really want to show the world is how to heal yourself. Listen to your inner compass and find your own path and be your very best self.

I have an active intuition, deadly gut instincts, and fire in my own soul to help people. Scents of Soul began from handcrafting oil blends in my basement for myself, family and friends. Essential Oils have immense healing powers especially matched with the desire to heal yourself through stillness, connection, and trust in the self-healing process. Every drop is blended with the desire to heal and matched with the symptom you wish to improve. Every day I learn more about myself, the healing power of nature, and my products.

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