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A balanced sacral chakra can bring with its a sense of creativity and connection to other people. Here are some yoga poses that can either stimulate the chakra to increase energy or release excess energy. Hold each pose for five, slow deep breaths. A balanced sacral chakra will have you feeling full of energy, confident, and inspired to enjoy each new experience life brings. The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange.

1. Open-Angle Pose | Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana, or Open- Angle Pose is a useful beginners’ pose to stretch, unwind and relax. It’s also a great yoga pose for improving posture, as it strengthens the spine, and reduces stiffness in the lower back and legs.


  • Keep the arms straight and place your hands next to the hips with the palms touching the floor.

  • Open the legs wide without forcing, keep the toes upwards.

  • Open the chest and elongate the spine, breath normally. Keep the posture for about 30 seconds. To come out, bring the legs together and release the arms.

Benefits of Mountain Pose | Tadasana:

This posture helps to stretch the spine, inner thighs, shoulder, and hamstring muscles.

2. Frog Pose | Bhekasana

Frog pose or Bhekasana is an advanced backbend yoga pose that requires practice and proper flexibility. In this deep stretch, the yogi lay on their stomach with their thighs turned out and flat against the ground, resembling a frog shape.


  • From Down Dog, come to Tabletop, then begin to move your knees away from one another.

  • As you do, make sure your feet stay in line with your knees, so that your shins and quads form a 90-degree angle.

  • Flex your feet and press through your heels to protect your knees.

  • Slide down to your forearms with your palms together and begin to gradually press your hips back toward your heels. Feel free to use a blanket underneath your knees for comfort.

  • Stay for 1 minute, breathing deeply. Then press back to Child’s Pose for 1 minute before rolling up to seated.


This intense hip-opening posture can often stir up emotions, so be extra generous with your breath, using it as a tool to ground you by drawing out you're exhaling a count or two longer than your inhales.

3. Pigeon Pose | Kapotasna

Pigeon Pose is a yoga asana (pose or position) that helps open your hips and ease lower back pain. Though it can be a great way to increase flexibility and stretch your muscles, it’s important to perform the move correctly to prevent injury or strain.


  • An unbalance sacral chakra often leads to a lack of creativity. Indeed, actors, comedians, and other performers might suffer from this from time to time.

  • Start on all fours, bring the right knee to the right elbow and the right ankle to the right wrist. Stretch out the left leg behind and slowly lean forward.

  • Exhale and sink deeper into the stretch opening up the hips.


The pigeon pose is excellent for finding balance and unleashing creativity.

4. Goddess Pose | Utkata Konasana

Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana also referred to as the Fierce Angle Pose, is an empowering, intermediate-standing level pose. The Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana) can also be part of yoga sequences intended for hips, the chest as well as the groin


  • Stand with your feet wide apart and your feet turned outwards.

  • Bend your knees deeply working towards having your thighs parallel to the floor (remember that’s a ‘goal’ not a ‘target’ – work within your ability).

  • Align your knees over the center of the feet. Ensure that the shoulders are stacked above the hips.

  • Lengthen the tailbone downwards while lifting through the crown of the head.

  • Bring the palms together in front of the heart (Anjali Mudra).


These poses collectively activate the entire Sacral Chakra region and the organs within, to remove any physical or energy blockages in order to cure many diseases that affect the physical and mental body.

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