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A balanced crown chakra allows you to feel grounded, centered, and able to trust yourself. It also helps you feel like your life has meaning, and that you can do anything you set your mind to. A balanced crown chakra allows you to have an open mind and heart, so that you're more likely to be open to new experiences and ideas.

1. Lotus | Padmasana

Lotus pose is a seated position that involves your legs crossed. The lotus pose is a difficult yoga pose that you can use to improve your flexibility and balance.


  • Sit on your mat with your legs in front of you, about hip-width apart.

  • Bend your knees and bring them up to your chest. Place the soles of your feet together, and wrap your hands around the outsides of your feet (or interlace fingers).

  • Now, push into your feet and gently lift your hips off the ground until they are hovering just above the floor. You should feel a stretch in your lower back, hamstrings, and calves. Stay here for 10 to 15 seconds before lowering yourself back down to rest on your heels.

  • Inhale as you come up, exhale as you lower yourself back down.


Lotus pose is a great way to work on your balance and flexibility. It can also be beneficial for your immune system, as well as your heart and lungs.

2. Reclining Bound Angle | Supta Baddha Konasana

Reclining Bound Angle | Supta Baddha Konasana

This pose is often referred to as a reclining bound angle pose because it's similar to the seated version of a bound angle pose, but with your legs extended. It's a great way to stretch the hips and inner thighs, but it also requires a lot of flexibility.


  • Start by sitting on your mat with your legs stretched out in front of you.

  • Bend your right knee and draw the heel toward your groin.

  • Bring your right foot up to rest on your left thigh, just above the knee. If this feels uncomfortable or painful, try placing a rolled blanket or towel under your right knee instead.

  • Then bring your arms out to either side like wings and relax into the pose. Hold here for at least five breaths before switching sides.


The Reclining Bound Angle is a great way to rest, relax, and stretch your hips, thighs and hamstrings.

3. Supported Headstand | Salamba Sirsasana

Salamba Sirsasana, or Supported Headstand, is a yoga pose that is usually taught alongside Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand). It's a challenging pose that requires focus, strength, and balance.


  • Start by standing straight up with your feet together and your arms at your sides.

  • Then slowly lift one leg off the floor and place it behind you, keeping your hips square and focused forward. Lift up onto the ball of your other foot until you can balance there for five breaths.

  • If you're having trouble balancing here, try putting a block between your hands and feet so that you can rest on it while stabilizing yourself with the other hand on the floor next to it (or even touching that side's knee).

  • Finally, carefully lift yourself off the block and place both palms down onto another block for support as you raise one foot off the ground again until it's parallel with your other leg's thigh; repeat on opposite side before repeating entire process once more with each leg individually (so three times total).


The main benefits of the Supported Headstand are that it strengthens your core, stretches your hamstrings and calves, improves balance and concentration, and helps you to build up to doing the full Headstand.

4. Tree Pose | Vrksasana

Tree Pose is one of the many yoga poses that can help you feel grounded and connected to your body. It's also a great pose to practice when you need to find your center, slow down, and focus on the present moment.


  • Start by standing with feet together, then gently bend forward at the hips so that you're bending over at a 90-degree angle.

  • Press palms firmly into floor in front of you (or use blocks if wrists don't reach). Lift one leg up behind you while keeping other leg straight; keep toes pointed forward as if still standing on them.

  • The lifted leg will be positioned at about 45 degrees off to one side of your straight leg.

  • Hold for 5 breaths before switching sides (if desired) and repeating for 3 more breaths on each side for 6 total breaths per side (for 12 total breaths total).


Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, is a great pose for your physical and mental health. It strengthens the legs, improves balance and concentration, and increases flexibility in the spine.

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